How to increase mobile RAM? | Mobile ram booster app download

Android gives such features only in its new and expensive smartphones, so that you can increase the RAM, but what should those people who are using old phones do? So in such a situation, you do not have to worry, we are going to tell you about such an app.

Using which you can increase the RAM of any Smartphone and for this you do not even need to root your mobile.

So if you too were searching for such an app for a long time by which RAM can be increased, then you must download this app mentioned by us.

ram booster app download
How to increase mobile RAM?

So if you are also thinking about increasing the RAM of your old phone, then for that you must read this post completely, we have given you complete information about it.

For example, suppose that your smartphone is of 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage and now you want to increase the RAM because the apps stop repeatedly or the phone stops running.

All this happens because of less RAM, then you can give some space to RAM from your internal storage, after which the RAM of your mobile increases.

Mobile RAM Booster App Download

To increase the RAM of mobile, you have to use an app named swap NO root, you will find it easily on Google Play Store.

We have also given you its download link below, so you must download it.

Click on the above link and download this app, after that start this app in your mobile and login with your Google account.

Then choose the amount of RAM you want to increase, such as 512 MB, 1GB or 2GB, after this your phone will reboot once and later you will see that the mobile RAM will have increased.

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