My Photo Phone Dialer APK Download : Change Calling Style On Android

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Friends, today we are going to tell you about a very good application, using which you can put photos on your phone dialer for free. It looks very nice.

If you also want to put your own or someone else's photo on your phone dialer in the same way, then for that you will have to "My Photo phone Dialer APK Download".

We have told you in this article that in what way you can download this app.

What Is My Photo Phone Dialer?

My Photo Phone Dialer is an app using which you can use a photo dialer in place of your normal mobile dialer. Whenever you call any of your friends or girlfriend then a photo will appear there.

You will not get to see this feature even in expensive smartphones, if you want to use it, then you will have to do “My Photo phone Dialer apk download” on your mobile.

The process of downloading it is very simple, although we have told you about it in the right way below, if you want, you can learn about downloading by watching it.

My Photo Phone Dialer Features:- 

  • Can change the old Boring Calling Style.
  • You can put a photo in the background of the Dialer.
  • Number Pad can be customised.
  • Calling Animation can be applied.
  • Gesture can be controlled.

How to use My Photo phone Dialer apk?

Using this, you can also change the Calling Style of your mobile, for that when you download it, you get the option of Customization, from there you can make the right changes.

So first of all you start this app in your smartphone, now in the same you have to click on Set Default App so that by changing the old Call Dialer, you will have to apply the new app in its place.

Now by clicking on Custom in this, whatever new thing you want to apply, you can add or edit it.

My Photo Phone Dialer Apk Download

To download this app, you can easily download it by clicking on the link given below.

Friends, I hope that you must have liked this post of ours, if you have any questions then do comment below.


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